Friday, October 8, 2010

Let The Taping Begin!

I came in to find strips of tape marking things my IA wanted me to fix - filing edges, securing screws down more tightly (or in the case of a stripped screw, putting in the next size up), and putting a reinforcement for the front spar of the butt rib like the rear spar got yesterday. So, I flipped the wing and fabricated another reinforcement.

With the wing flipped right side up, I started on the rest of the minor mechanical odds and ends. Installing the bellcrank involves putting a sleeve over the bottom of the bellcrank's shaft, with the holes lined up, putting the bolt through, and adding a missile nut. The bolt was a little long, which one washer solved. I did not prime the sleeve before I got it on, and then it was very solidly on - no trial fittings here! So a little masking tape and a paper towel backdrop ensured it was primed before secured with a bolt.

Installing a phenolic cable guide to keep the cable from dragging on the rib.

With all the minor mechanical issues out of the way, it was time to tape the drag wires, string the inter-rib lacing and tape all edges that will be touched by cloth. This is only the first pass for the top of the wing - more tape tomorrow!

Before I can cover, I'll have to check the fit of the ailerons one more time. Can you spot the ailerons in this picture? Can you tell why they're awkward to cart around the shop?


  1. One of them is standing up behind the 152 :-)

  2. You got it - though that's actually 3 ailerons in that cluster. On a note of scale, that's a 182, a 4-seater with cargo capacity. The ailerons are big!