Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drawing The Line

So, the plane is almost done. One fuel valve to put in, a new hose, run the engine, inspect a couple cables, fairings back on, and we're done.

Except the wings. I finished them, and then checked around the field. The restoration shop with a really nice paint booth and a good reputation said it'd take a week before they could take them in, and then it'd take a week to get the second coat of dope, the silver, and the color coats sprayed on. That would be as of last Friday.

So Monday, yesterday, I went in to check how we're moving the wings back over - my IA's trailer or theirs? ...And my wings are still sitting there, no second coat of dope, no silver, no color, looking almost like when I dropped them off. I can tell there's been a little detail work - they do look nicer, the fabric is more taut. But they're not done. And after being handed the rather lame excuse of "Some of my guys were sick, some went on vacation..." despite seeing his guys working on new wings that weren't there a week ago, I was told that they'll get it done "around the first." That's two more weeks. That's four weeks since they were ready to spray.

That's I'm damned well pissed off at the shop.

That's missing Thanksgiving with my husband, and being held up for at least two more weeks.. if they manage to stick to their new timeline... and given the way they're going, getting the conformity inspection and paperwork done may put me into not only missing Thanksgiving, but Christmas with my husband.

No matter how much I want to push it out on the ramp and set it on fire, at worst I'm just going to sell this damned plane as a project and eat the loss in time and money. I can finally go home, get a job, and just save up to buy an actual working flying airplane instead of throwing good money after bad anymore. At best, I'm going to throw my hands in the air, tell my IA I don't give a flying fuck anymore, I'm going home and he can finish it and send me the bill. I am not missing Christmas with my husband. He's more important than this pile of "almost there! another few weeks!" that's going on seven months now.


  1. :(

    That is *so* not cool.

    Surely IA can finish it up here while you go down - is the cost difference that much at this point?

  2. I understand your frustration - I've been there with long projects myself (building a 900 ft^2 addition on my house, etc.)

    After so much work, please don't give up this close to the finish line!

    I'd imagine that if you storm in there and raise some Caine you can get your wings to the front of the line (where they legitimately belong)!

  3. Reminds me of my last annual inspection. At least for me and my Tcraft, it was worth it.

  4. That sucks... period... Take the time to go see hubby and then come back and get the bird. Don't give up now Wing, you've come too far!