Thursday, December 29, 2011


Went to the airport today, and walked up to my airplane sitting under the bright blue sky. I checked the fuel and found a little water, checked the oil and found all was well, and did a thorough preflight. On the other hand, I haven't flown in two months, and the windsock was varying between straight out and hanging at twenty degrees away from the pole. It was straight down the runway - but the longer I go between flying, the less wind it takes to be too much.

So I didn't fly today - I'll check tomorrow, if the wind is calmer.


  1. Yep, good luck. I know how much you love to fly.

  2. Good move, and you 'need' to maintain currency... you know that...

  3. Takeoffs are optional. After that choices become much more constrained. Prudence in a good middle name to adopt.