Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little too much honesty in Science

"The compound exploded in solution, it exploded on any attempts to touch or move the solid, and (most interestingly) it exploded when they were trying to get an infrared spectrum of it."


Stirring speeds varied wildly depending on ambient music. Tech with dubstep predisposition banned after 4th breakage. #OverlyhonestMethods (@BadPhysics)

I really can't do justice to the latest post at Teddy's Rat Lab. Seriously, just Go Read The Whole Thing.

But save your keyboard! Put down your coffee before you go.


  1. Had my housemates checking to see why I was laughing my ass off, and then walking away shaking their heads (with a comment along the lines of 'not in the house'....


  2. Oh damn, don't let the folks at Dalgren find out, they'd want to 'play' with that stuff...