Friday, February 22, 2013

Dragon Leatherworks Gunbelt, Take 1

Calmer Half was graciously sent a Dragon Leatherworks gunbelt to wear and review. He made approving noises and tugging motions, trying to bend the thick leather, and set about getting a buckle on it for review. He'll come up with something thoughtful, profound, and accurate later, I'm sure.

I, on the other hand, after pulling it out of the box, handled it a bit, examined the fasteners of much sturdiness, and finally summed up my initial impression as follows:

"This thing has more leather than my last miniskirt!"


  1. Re Peter's review of the belt, I look forward to it. Re your take, it's interesting because of what it doesn't say about said miniskirt. I'm sure you left it that way on purpose, as I recall a few in the mid-60s that were not more than bandannas.

  2. Apparently I missed Calmer Half's review:

  3. Oh damn... snorting coffeee HURTS... :-)

  4. Next time you come up, we'll drag out the old minis, put on the gun belts and watch Cool Hand Luke.

    Calmer Half might want to stay in the safety of the jeep :-)

  5. LOL! I remember some mini skirts that could be more properly called "belts".

    @ B. I fear the Jeep would offer no sanctuary for Calmer Half.