Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I love hot running water. I have turned down jobs that were off-grid, because I did not want to live without hot running water, refrigeration, and electricity.

I have been out of Alaska for... six years, now? Still feels like just the other month.

I have been in Texas for a little over a year.

I have just finished a long, hard, hot morning of yardwork. And taken a lukewarm shower. And for the first time in my life, I liked it lukewarm instead of hot.


  1. I tried to use your "Contact Me" access method, but it does not work with the email software on this computer and I could not locate an internet address for you, so I included my question here.

    Books 1 thru 4 in the "Maxwell Saga" series were published in paperback.

    Can you tell me if "Stoke The Flames Higher (Maxwell Saga), the 5th book will be published in paperback?

    I will watch your blog for an answer.

    To be honest, I did not understand any of your methods of "Choose an identity" except for the Google method which I never use.

    You might consider including a method where someone could use their "Outlook Mail" address without it being shown on your blog.

    Lot of work just to see if book 5 will be available in paperback!

    Best Wishes

  2. In the summertime in Saudi Arabia I turned off the water heater and used the hot tap as the cool water and the cold tap as the hot. The water wasn't real hot. but the air conditioner managed to cool the water in the hot water tank enough to temper the shower to comfortable.

  3. Wing, we used to take nearly-cold showers in the Midwest, after a long summer's day of yard work or whatever. Haven't really found such a desire, up here.

  4. I've tried it and find that while I turn down the temperature after a hot day's work, I don't turn it down very far.