Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fat Head Pizza

Sarah Hoyt recommended the Fat Head pizza crust recipe to me, as low carb and yet tasty. I have to agree, this is the first pizza crust of the low carb variety I've run into that is actually as good as the wheat-based version.

One minor note: it's incredibly filling. I didn't have parchment paper, so I patted it out by hand on a silicone baking sheet into roughly a 9x11in crust. I loaded it up with toppings, hoping it'd be enough with a salad... and between Peter and myself, we had half a leftover pizza and leftover salad.


Definitely a keeper... and good enough for company! I loaded it up with straight tomato paste for the sauce, sauteed bell pepper & onion strips, chopped basil out of the garden, the last of the pepperoni in the fridge, and some sausage, then added a little oregano and plenty of mozzarella on top. The recipe called for 5 minutes more of baking, but I hit it with 30 seconds of broiling to give the cheese topping that proper touch of browning and faint blackening on the toppings that poked through.


  1. And how much leftover did you have tonight??? None... Very good! :-)

  2. I keep looking at that recipe. Everyone I know who's tried it says its awesome.....one of these days I'll remember to pick up some cream cheese to actually try it! I like the variation for sausage rolls, we frequently do calzones with my homemade pizza dough, I bet this would work just fine.

  3. I finally made this, or attempted it.
    I made two mistakes.
    One wasn't bad, but the other...

    First, I grabbed the wrong bag and didn't look and used coconut flour as if it were almond. I suspect that's why the crust is crumbly and such.

    Second, I ate a third piece. Two pieces would have been Quite Enough, Really.
    In fact, one might have sufficed.
    I suspect I might need to figure how to scale things down