Thursday, March 29, 2018

Decatting the keyboard

I have found a lovely way to distract the cat, and free up my lap and right arm from demands for lap time and lots of attention - much less my keyboard and laptop!

I sacrificed a large chunk of my desk surface to a fluffy towel straight out of the dryer, free of any cat fur.


  1. But now you won't benefit from those interesting plot twists that happen when a cat walks across the keycdthikngfdsxccvffdw

  2. Will the cat stop using it when it becomes covered with fur and go back to your keyboard?

  3. Margaret - Oh, no, I still get those. He's just going back to aiming for my lap again, instead of settling in on the towel for an extended nap.

    Jonathan - Alas, that appears to have happened. Ah, well, time for some laundry anyway!