Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring snacks for cats

Yep, spring has sprung. The day before the mulberry tree started putting out leaves in earnest, I woke up to the sound of crickets outside the bedroom window. The mint has once again defied predictions of "I think I really killed it this time", and even the sage managed to survive the "It's dead, so no point in watering it."

The cats have gone from complaining that a closed garage door is an abomination unto Bast, but hurriedly changing their minds upon it being cracked, to wanting to spend hours in there. I was a little stymied - after all, we didn't change much over the winter (it's cold in there.) And there's no kibble in there, and Ashbutt tends to orbit the food dish like a growing kitten.

Did I mention the crickets are back? Ashbutt brought one back in from the garage to share with us, but when we weren't interested enough, he had the crunchy snack himself. 



  1. when the jar-o-flies hatch [cicadas] the cats who can catch them crunch and munch them.

  2. Crickets often have intestinal worms that love a cat's gut. If you can't keep Ashbutt away from the moving crunchies you might want to check for worms in her stool.

  3. Deborah - if we get cicadas here, I bet the cats will be going crazy for 'em!

    Gaffer - good to know, I'll keep an eye out when doing the daily clean of the catbox.