Monday, October 12, 2020

Home again

 How sweet it is to be snubbed by one's own cats. Or, something like that. After breakfast this morning with Alma Boykin, in which I failed at socialization before coffee (fortunately my Calmer Half and Alma managed to do the talking thing), we hit the road. No detours this time, and almost no stops - if only because we had food, and we had a full tank of gas, and we had a pile of dirty laundry and a cooler full of ribs. 

The litterbox has been cleaned, the laundry started, the tea kit put away, half the spare clean clothes put away, and the cats have gone from purring and joyous at our arrival to full snubbing due to our absence, and in one case, a rather hilarious attempt to kill the suitcase that took her people away. 

Here's to life being back to normal!


  1. That all sounds familiar. Our cats sit in the suitcase(s) as we begin the packing process, in order to stop it. And the snubbing begins for any absence exceeding three hours in length.

  2. Snerk... Dogs, on the other hand, are HAPPY to see you! And STAY that way!