Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Things I've learned to say

 ...after moving to Texas.

"Wow, look at how green everything is!"

Yep, everything is relative.


  1. Ain’t nothing green here but the spruce trees. And they’re going to be white in the next few days. But you probably know that. 😊

  2. Rev, I say it every darned time I come back to Tiny Town from Amarillo, every season of the year...

    But yeah, it's a whole world away from "Your color options are grey sky, grey snow, grey heavy clouds, grey snow in shadow, grey snow that's dirty, black-speckled grey of birch and aspen trunks in bad light, grey-black of the leafless trees on the mountains, and black of the nearby spruce in low light."

  3. Close to the #1 reason I left w Texas was the lack of green. 3 months of horizon to horizon cotton fields couldn't make up for the brown the rest of the year.

    The Ozarks look like a green bomb was set off.