Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the Air

Sorted out the paperwork and finished some maintenance today, and got back up in the air. Went to Goose Bay, and worked on wheel landings. Note: I was not flying the plane at the time this picture was taken; I had the CFI set up and do a wheel landing first, so I could see the right sight picture to reference when I made my own landings.

There were a couple go-arounds; I default to going around after two bad bounces, and am also learning to feel the difference between skipping off the surface of an uneven gravel runway and an actual uncontrolled bounce from too little power or wrong control movement.

In general, life was good. I don't expect to get happy with my wheel landings in the next few hours, but I do expect to get functional and safe - finesse will come with practice.

In the meantime, for everyone who's ever whiled time away reading bumper stickers in traffic, here's yet more evidence that airplanes are viewed as trucks up here - meet one half of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's cowl.


  1. Is this the Goose Bay over by the old Nike Site on the other side of the water from Anchorage? Many moons ago, I used to fly in there on good day round robins (Elmendorf, Talkeetna, Goose, and home. Made for a pleasant afternoon.)

  2. As a frustrated wannabe, I'm fascinated by all the twists & turns your journey-into-the-air has taken. I know you've experienced your share of frustration along the way, but thanks for sharing the process with us.

  3. Poor Chitty there would be my dad's old T-crate.

    He's rather sad it not being taken care of better.

  4. Grumpy Old Badger - yep, same Goose Bay. It's a nice strip - except for the occasional brown-shorts moments due to pattern being around 1100 and C-130's & C-17's crossing it heading into Elmendorf at 1200 or so.