Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dead battery

Hopped in the airplane yesterday - well, climbed in after cleaning the windscreen, stop-drilling a crack in the cowl, applying NO STEP placards to the struts as a gentle reminder to any non-pilot passengers to come, checking the fuse seating, fueling, and zip-tying a loose bundle of wires back in place.

The battery had enough juice to try to crank, but after three blades, it ran out of power before the engine could catch. I didn't leave any switches on after the last flight. The ammeter has shown charging after every start-up, which means the newly rebuilt alternator is likely fine - the new battery should be good - so that leaves a leak to ground somewhere in the system.

I am not fond of electrical problems. V=ir , and after that it gets fuzzy. Well, I guess I get to learn now!

All full of frustration, unhappiness, rage at another setback, and despair, I had reached the point of laughing helplessly (rather than screaming) when I called my husband to let him know I'm just arbitrarily pushing the leave date back another two days, because I've never found electrical problems simple or easy to fix yet. My Calmer Half listened, then reminded me that he views this the same way I do - better now at the shop than in the dark, in the rain, with ten million moosquitos and no services. He calmly and firmly told me that he loves me, that I'm doing fine, that he looks forward to me coming home, but places no hurry-up on me getting there.

I adore that man beyond words. I know I'm highly strung; it's part of who I am - but he is so calming, so stable, so unstinting with his love and good humour, that he could make the worst day better. And, he's right, no one's shooting at me, so it's all a good day.

Funnily enough, my CFI is of a very similar mind - a few days ago, when contemplating a fuel tank that wasn't draining, he shrugged, and smiled broadly with nothing but genuine good humour. "It's not raining, it's warm, and there are no incoming mortars. Cheer up - it's a good day!"

It will be a good day. It is a good day. Instead of flying, I'll charge the battery today, and go on a motorcycle ride with a friend. The sun's out, no one's shooting at me, I have friends here who give me a nice bed to sleep in and a car to use, I'm in good health, and I'm going to go play!

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  1. No one's shooting at you, and no incoming mortar fire? That makes it a VERY good day, my friend. Cherish it, and enjoy that bike ride!