Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sudden Feline Revelation

Today, I built a cupboard. First, I took all the pieces out of the box, and made sure they were all there. Then, I removed the cat form the shipping box, and put the styrofoam spacers in. Then, I started unpacking pieces from the plastic wrap, one at a time, as needed, and laid them out on the floor. Then I removed the cat from the shipping box, and threw the plastic wrap in the box. Then I removed the cat from the parts I was assembling, and screwed the first pieces together.

Then I removed the loose screws from the cat, and made sure they were tucked in the plastic bag where they couldn't be batted elsewhere. Carefully following directions, I built the left side of the cupboard, then leaned it against the wall and built the right side. Then I removed the cat from between the panels and the wall, so I could stack them a little closer for more space while building the doors.

All was going well (aside from the dirty looks from the cat about the shipping box filling up with not-cat objects), until I reached the magic moment, putting on backing panels, when the cat realized he was no longer looking at a stack of strange-smelling objects, but... A BOX.

The Sudden Feline Revelation meant that work slowed dramatically.


  1. I warned you he was a paws on helpingcat before ya took him home LOL

  2. That's the best feline behavioral exposition yet! :)

  3. Clearly you missed the real message. Cat needs a box of his own. Cat is entitled to a box of his own. Until this reasonable demand is met, Cat will continue to Occupy (your) Boxes!

  4. Another take-away: Progress might progress faster if cat was left in shipping box initially and another receptacle employed.

  5. FarmDad - and you were right!

    Rev. Paul - thanks!

    Margaret - All our box are belong to cat! Now that my husband is installing shelves and putting things on them, he reports that Ashbutt thinks this is the best new puzzle-box game ever.

    Orvan - you know, you may have the right of it. However, I have visions of cat rampaging through the house with scattered bits of styrofoam and plastic wrap in his wake, while still managing to "help" with any and all unattended or loose screws...

  6. A box is a box is a BOXXXXXX :-) Cat play toy!!!