Monday, July 12, 2010

busy weekend

Saturday, total forward progress on the plane seemed to stop, as I had to redo priming and painting three times to get it right - but anything worth doing is worth doing well. Corollary: stop when you're tired and making mistakes.

Saturday night, sorted brass.

Sunday: breakfast with friends, helped bottle 120 gallons of mead at Celestial Meads (a orange-blossom honey & pear melomel), traded that labor and a little money for two bottles of mead. Went to a friend's birthday party, gave him one bottle, and then immediately got busy with the group birthday present - a blitzkrieg cleaning of his place. Crashed kind of hard as my body decided that this was a whole lot of work on not much food, ate, limped home, sat down for a few hours, sorted brass, washed up, did laundry. Slept like a log.

I'm rather stiff and sore this morning - clearly, I need to do this much exercise more often! For now, I'm off to trade sorted brass for shop time, and work on the plane!

1 comment:

  1. sounds awesome!!

    So... Mr. P's brass, I take it? The man can fill a bin right quick I think. :)