Thursday, July 15, 2010


Monday night, I had to drop the car off as the car window wouldn't roll up, so Tuesday I biked across town to work. Of course, it was raining! It was good exercise, and reminded me so vividly of why, after years commuting by bike, I didn't look back when I got my driver's license. Drivers never see, even when they're looking right at you. You do not have the right of way to turn right on red through the pedestrian with the walk light, especially if they are walking their bike across the street! Despite exhaustion, I got the lighting bracket nutplates riveted in place, looking fairly sharp against the nice new paint job.

Today, I disassembled the right aileron bellcrank (the cables were still attached), and the pushrod assembly. After getting both bellcranks, and the pushrods (including spares) cleaned and degreased (brakekleen rocks!), I bead-blasted all the old layers of paint and primer off, cleaned them again, primed, and got the first two light layers of yellow pant on. They still look hideously yucky yellow-green as the zinc chromate primer shows through the paint, so they'll get a few coats tomorrow. Meanwhile, the rest of the lighting assembly was sanded, primed, and has its first coat of black paint drying overnight. It may be overkill, but I'd rather do even the little overlookable things beautifully right.

I also started bending and trimming tabs for the butt ribs - it feels so exhilarating to actually be moving forward on those with a plan, after a year and a half!

Tomorrow, the 6-40 thread nylocks for the tie rods should be here, and I can start trammelling as well as continuing to paint. Not a moment too soon - Blogorado is barely a month away, and I really want to make it!

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