Wednesday, September 8, 2010

more tapes and doping

Biked to work again today - I'm starting to get the hang of this, but it's still exhausting. Biked down to Stoddard's, swapped 4" leading edge tape for 6" leading edge tape, and picked up more inspection rings (including a larger square one for the bellcrank).

That "almost done" I thought I was? Yeah, well, I need a few more inspection panels and rings - including above the aileron bellcrank, for the only one on the top of the wing. Today I measured, cut, and doped on tapes for the edges of the gas tank cover, the false ribs and trailing edge rib attaching the aileron cove, the edge of the butt rib, the trailing edge (sans aileron cove), the transition break between top of the leading edge and wing, the lighting bracket top, and the wingtip bow, as well as putting in a second layer of support fabric panel for the seams at the leading edge wingtip.

After all that, I was exhausted, to the point that I was making stupid sloppy little errors with not getting enough dope under the pinked edges of the fabric so they curled up in spots. My IA, acting as the voice of wisdom, pointed out that I really don't want to put the leading edge on when I'm sloppy tired, and in his role as an angel of mercy, offered a lift home. It was, of course, a beautiful evening full of sunshine, perfect for biking - but I am tired enough I am most grateful for the ride.

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  1. Good call on BOTH your parts... Better to take the break and do it right ONCE. :-) Trust me on that one...