Monday, September 6, 2010

Tapes and Dope

The stitches passed inspection, but more inspection holes were required. Given the Ceconite STC, AC 43.13, and my IA all say "You can never have too many inspection holes", I think there may be something to this...

So the bottom is finished, except I may put one more tape as an anti-chafe behind the lighting bracket. Turned the wing over, and started on the top.

The trailing edge tapes are not down - I ran out of energy, and my lower back decided 8 hours of bending over the wing and brushing was too much. I'll get those done today, and only the leading edge tape and drain holes will be left. For the leading edge tape, I was going to use 4" tapes, but my IA wants 6" tape. No shops open onLabor day, so this step should be done tomorrow...

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