Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After calling off flying out Monday, Brigid and I set out to find Tam, food, and fun. We definitely found Tam, and my goodness was there excellent food in large quantities. The fun was spectacular, though I wilted a bit in the heat of the day.

The next morning, the weather briefer was full of warnings about mist and low vis, practically IFR and I shouldn't fly until after a cold front came through in the afternoon. It was a glorious morning, though the faint hazy mist rising off the corn promised another mugging by Mr. Heat and his drinking buddy Mr. Humidity by the afternoon. A cropduster came in for another load, and reported a wonderful morning with calm air. I took his opinion over the weather briefer's.

It was a nice morning, and even nicer once I got up a few thousand feet. Above the haze layer, visibility was endless, the air was crisp and cool, and I even had a tailwind.

DaddyBear of DaddyBear's Den had offered a place to crash halfway, and I declined it with gratefulness to him for offering, and to God for such wonderful weather that it wasn't needed. One quick stop in Tell, Indiana to fix a patch, check oil, and let my husband know when to pick me up, and I was on my way home.

The last sixty miles I was back in the haze, as a broken layer of clouds started capping every thermal. I soared over the farm where I've gone shooting and stoked bonfires (soon I'll get to be there and see the farmer again!) Then a little further south, and landed in Lebanon, TN.

The FBO called on unicom, wanting to know if I'd be staying a while, and were confused when I replied that I was going too be based there. When the gent brought the fuel truck out, he recognized me from the times I'd come through, and rented the Citabria to knock the rust off before leaving. The CFI I'd flown with in the Citabria came out, astounded that he'd caught me just as I was landing from the long trip.

Then, best of all, my husband was there. He looks a little slimmer, but much stranger. He'd decided to whimsically grow a mustache. Hey, I was gone a few months, he had to get up to something. Perhaps, though, he should have consulted with Lawdog about mustaches... But I digress. After a long hug and a short kiss (mustaches are prickly!) I was finally really truly home.



    Hi to Peter. :)

    (just reading your reports, it seems like that last couple days was a whirlwind after the days and days in the wastes. It was surprising to see you got there so soon after Indy - seems like it would be so much further. :p )

  2. Congratulations on a successful, exciting trip - and on being home again. I'm really glad it went so well, my friend.

    Now go forget about the world for awhile, and enjoy Calmer Half!

  3. Outstanding! I'm glad you had a safe trip!

  4. Great news Wing, I'm proud of you for taking it one day and one leg at a time. I'm sure Peter is happy to have you home safe and sound!

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  6. I just love spell check. :-)

    I am so glad you are home. Next time, the two of you, here, food laughter.

    Enjoy every moment.

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  8. Darn spell check . . .

    It's lovely to have my better half home at last - even if she did make me whip off the moustache first thing!


  9. I am so very happy it was a wonderful and successful trip. My very best to Peter, make sure you remind him he's lucky to have you, and, to have you back home safely after your great adventure. And thanks so very much for taking your valuable time to blog. I've enjoyed it a bunch. Now, it's time to go shooting!! You have a sweet little bird. Even if it ain't a helicopter.