Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In whitehorse

Got escorted to the border by The Gunny and J of Call to Wings. Wonderful time, awesome friends. Miss them already.

Made Beaver Creek at 8pm local, cleared customs, got tent set up, tea and oatmeal, went to sleep.

Then it rained. and rained. And rained.

Made it whitehorse anyway. Exhausted. Thuderstorms popping up all over, going to stay here tonight.

Cell phone no worky. May update later, may update in Montana. Take care!


  1. Last time I was in Beaver Creek, I stayed at Buckshot Betty's - AWESOME omelets!

    Safe skies, my friend - and may God go with you all the way home.

  2. Glad you're doing well and making progress - J has been keeping me up to date on each frustration and delay...but it's underway now. ONWARD!

  3. Montana has been a mix of thunderstorms at night and clear skies in the day. Be safe out there.

  4. Remember to take your time. Do not rush to get the trip over. If you are feeling rushed or have the naging feeling you are late. Stop! go get a drink, land, check the weather. Anything you have to do at the end of the trip will be there, when you get there.
    I spent a week in Calgary waiting for the weather to clear. Got to see a lot of stuff I would have missed, if I had pushed on. Never made it to Alaska. Got to see the Pandas at the zoo. Stood on top of the olypic ski jump. Watched a thundrstorm dump a load of hail on the Banif hotsprings hotel. Watched a DC10 depart into a purple night sky that was electric. Take advantage of the delays. Good luck. DS

  5. I feel like I'm plotting Lucky Lindy!! Take care and double dittos on get-home-itus. It's only ever cost me time and money. It never seems to work out.

    Praying for your safety during the trip.


  6. Fly safe Wing! You're on your way!