Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rain, rain go away

This is not a sign of hope and cheer. This is a sign that the cloud deck is a little broken over by the next range of mountains to the west, and the sun has sunk down low enough to light the rain falling on our heads. (This was taken around 11:30pm last night.)

Tahetna Pass - Closed. Eureka - MVFR. Gulkana - MVFR. Mentasta Pass - about what you'd expect, but at least you can see sunlight in the broken layers! Big Delta - MVFR. Northway - IFR.

So for those of you who were asking, that's what a double rainbow means.


  1. Not quite good enough to leave yet... Hang in there Wing!

  2. Did you make it out today? The weather was better here than to the north - we drove the first 200 miles from Fairbanks in heavy rains & fog, with high winds. The sunshine in southcentral was a nice change of pace.