Monday, July 25, 2011

One more day in Indy

After a long day of good food, good fellowship, and good fun, we went to bed early...earlier, anyway. life was awesome. (There's no way I can top either Brigid's version, or Tam's. Go read their posts.)

Then I woke up at 4am feeling like someone had kicked me in the bad leg, wearing steel-toed boots. Why can't barometric-pressure-sensitive old injuries be more like weather widgets, with a vague notion of impending rain instead of an early warning on the pain scale? Ibuprofin, a little net surfing til it kicked in, and bed. Yay painkillers!

Fortunately, Brigid is a very understanding host, who sent me back to bed the second time I limped out of it, and gave me coffee on my third try at getting up. I love my friends!

...and there's still cheesecake left...


  1. "Why can't barometric-pressure-sensitive old injuries"

    That is the way my migraines work. I hope you get relief.

  2. So fun!

    Hi to Tams and Brigid. :)

  3. Have a good day and get to feeling better.

  4. "Why can't barometric-pressure-sensitive old injuries..."

    Oh, I feel ya'...

    I used to think that people were pulling my leg before I got my own scar collection. :(