Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Is it the same planet?

Yes, yes it is. 

Scaling the Rim is set roughly 70 years After (initial) Landing. Going Ballistic is set in 751 A.L., Blood, Oil, & Love in 752 A.L, and A Perfect Day in 753 A.L. (Or is it 754? Must go back and check. Pretty sure it’s the next summer, not two years later.)

…I haven’t worked out quite when Shattered Under Midnight takes places, because it’s so far off-planet that it doesn’t really matter to Akrep. Will probably take more stories to put the puzzle pieces together. And more stories to fill in the historical gap. (The problem with the direct sequel to Scaling was that I didn’t have the technical chops to write the story I wanted, when I tried to tackle it. It’s in the projects folder, waiting patiently with other partial stories, including the sequel to Shattered.)

As for those of you who asked about the slur "Dogs", some insults hang around a lot longer than the original meaning or application. In fact, it was originally applied to the security team on the arkship by the scientists, lifting from an old insult for polizei. They ran with it, just like other group have owned their insults as monikers (This group happened to have free and easy access to genetic manipulation, onboard ship. So their descendants who didn't, had cold tolerance... and claws.) By the time Lizzes walks into the ballroom, it’s a Fed insult for Imperial security forces and police, which… is almost full circle. (Linguistic shifts and etymology are like ecological history: utterly fascinating when you dig into them!)

And "shards"? Well, we'll cover exactly what happened to the arkships, and why the survivors ended up at the bottom of a crater huddled around geothermal warmth, later. That's a different book. 

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  1. Other hints I had noticed: Federation, the capital of Centralia (could easily be derived from Central). There are, I believe, hints of canine/lupine features in Shattered as well.

    Dogs is a probably generic insult, though nice confirmation.

    Shards is very specific and indicative of the same setting. I am still amused by 'Fracture and deorbit!' as perjoratives.

    I would be interested in a story anthology in the setting as well!