Saturday, October 2, 2021

You liked it? You really liked it!

I know there are authors out there who begin with their audience in mind. They counsel the rest of us to make sure that we have characters drawn up who will represent the audience demographics, in order to be more accessible. They talk about making sure the reading level of the book isn't so high it'll turn away readers (and list off bestsellers who are all below 7th grade reading level.) They talk about writing to market with exactly the format and pacing that the genre readers love.

..I'm afraid I start with what-if? And ecosystems,. And sometimes with a character. Or a concept that won't let go. Sometimes a concept and a character who shows up and stubbornly insists this is their book. (Twitch. And AJ. AJ was not supposed to be in that book. AJ didn't care; he and Twitch showed up, anyway. Who's in control here?) 

As for reading level... um, yes, yes I did say Gunny and Twitch were going to get her down the aisle, if it took a hecatomb of her enemies to make it happen. Hey, Kipling wrote about the grave of the hundred-head, so I'm not the only one who finds hecatombs just and fitting...

As for the pacing and the insertion of reader cookies, I'm not that good. I just write the story as the story demands, keeping true to itself as it works out the implications of the initial incident, and what the characters wants and need. And then I think about putting it out in the wide world, and that's when I start to worry that it's not really mainstream, and in a world of authors talking about shaving and shaping their round peg to fit perfectly in the round hole, I have a 20-sided dice that can rattle and roll into that slot, and I just hope when it does, it's not showing a natural 1. 

So to look and see it's less than a month since blood, Oil & Love came out, and I have over 50 ratings or reviews? And most of you like it? You really like it? 

I am awed and humbled. Thank you. 


  1. LOVED the new book - and read it in one sitting! Can't wait for your next book. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

  2. How did parts from a Turbo Encabulator make it all the way out there? The Rockwell service department would like to know...

    1. Yay! Someone caught that! Thank you!

      I hope it made you laugh.

    2. It does. I was hoping for a mention of an oscillation overthruster or a beryllium sphere in other vendor stalls too.

      Is that a Harold Shea reference with "Yvgni is a louse"?

    3. It is indeed a Harold Shea reference. Put in there to make a friend snort with laughter, and the cause of much merriment among my beta readers seeing who caught it and who didn't!

      I wanted to work in "the roaring trumpet" & "the still small voice of trumpets", but couldn't find a place that wouldn't break the story and stick out like a sore thumb. There will always be other books!