Friday, October 29, 2021

Watercress Sandwiches

 Calmer Half acquired some watercress. He stuck it in the fridge while making happy noises about watercress sandwiches. I asked how one makes said sandwiches, as I'd read of them, but never eaten or made one before. Besides, as his wife, I'm always happy to make him a sammich. 

Apparently, according to the Ultimate Authority (his mum), watercress sandwiches are made by taking watercress, and... putting it between two pieces of bread. Dry. No condiments, no meat, no nothing... When I asked if he was sure nothing else happened to the recipe, he gave me a puzzled look. "You can take the crusts off?"

I am starting to wonder if this is a starvation food that a culture later convinced themselves was hoity-toity, like escargot?

After a week in the fridge, all ingredients are fair game. So I made myself a watercress sandwich. With sourdough bread. And mayo. And tomatoes. And three strips of freshly cooked bacon...

What? It's fusion cuisine!

...And it's actually pretty tasty!

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