Friday, October 29, 2021

New stories by other members of the gang!

You know, it takes months to write a book, and only an afternoon to read it... there's no way I can keep up with your desire to be entertained. Fortunately, I have friends! Fiends who just released new stories!

Alma Boykin’s just released another blue-collar fantasy, from a working medieval man’s view of the world. In this case, a profession lost to history and mining machinery, that once the fate of cities and empires depended on… a salter!

The source of the salt for a man worth his salt, the source of sal for salary…

Without salt, man and beast cannot live. Without fire and tools, man cannot prosper.

Tarno Halson and the other salt makers of Halfeld Fluss must have wood for the fires to boil spring water into salt. Farmers, builders, smiths, tool-makers, bakers, and all the other trades demand wood as well, and tensions have risen among the trades. Tarno, a widower, also seeks a wife. One of the woodworkers offers—insists on Tarno taking—his daughter’s hand. The arrangement might bring peace between two of the trades.

Danger unifies Halfeld Fluss, yet also divides it. When Korvaal’s Son dies, and winter grows harder, obsession and anger simmer like boiling brine—and prove equally deadly.

Book Six of Merchant and Empire, but can be read as a stand-alone, get White Gold of Empire today!

How about an anthology of rollicking good tales, including two from our very own North Texas Troublemakers? LawDog and Old NFO both have stories in this...

Do you love sparkly vampires? Well too bad, because you won’t find a single one of those fancy-dancy bloodsuckers anywhere in this collection!

It Came From The Trailer Park began as a fun idea to revisit the Classic Horror and Old-School Creature Feature genres with a hefty helping of B-rate tropes thrown in for good measure. Who doesn’t love a good Bruce Cambell or classic Vincent Price flick on a dark and dreary night?

Emmy award winner Bill Oberst Jr. opens the collection and sets the stage for the stories to come. From aliens to demons to werewolves and so many more, you’re sure to fall in love with these tales of the Macabre.

So come on in. Take a load off. And get yourself ready for nineteen unforgettable tales, straight from the Trailer Park.

And last but certainly not least, C.V. Walter has a new novella out in her Alien Brides series! We've shared coffee and scones and late night grumbling and plotting over the unhealthy relationship tropes in Romance, whether Paranormal, Fantasy, or SciFi... but while I write Military SciFi Thrillers with romance subplots, C.V. embraces the genre and writes straight-up SciFi Romance. 

Except it's no straight-up rehash of all the unhealthy tropes. Hers come with people having communication issues, cross-cultural issues, healthy relationships, negotiation, compromise, personal growth (and not measured by growth of a single member), the odd Jurassic Park and Star Trek reference, and even a passing nod to the complexities of interstellar supply chains and economics! 

If you like it steamy, check it out!

How do you say "we come in peace" when someone steals your probe?

When a petty bureaucrat confiscates the communications relay, the aliens and their human partners must unite to rescue their property and protect those they love from the clutches of corruption and blackmail.

To help those she loves, Mindy must boldly go the last place she ever wanted to...
Back home.

Country Roads, where she no longer belongs...

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