Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inner Lake George

By the Knik Glacier - a good place to land later, in dryer weather. Wide, flat, long open approaches, nestled btween the terminal moraine for one glacier and the Knik Glacier below.

Flew to Homer last night, with The Gunny. Ate at Fat Olive's, good food, even better company. Didn't put jacket back on after stopping in Kenai for a brief break, caught something that's kicking my immune system.

Will post pictures soonish. More hot tea now. Anyone looking for pre-war Taylorcraft wing parts? Have some for sale.


  1. Sounds like a great day. Query: what's the flying time to Homer from Anchorage? After making that 4 1/2 hour drive a number of times, I start to fantasize about getting there sooner.

  2. Took me 1.7 hours with a headwind, but I wasn't in a tearing hurry. With a tailwind headed home, even accounting for going the longer way to Kenai, (not counting the bathroom break there), it was 1.7 back.

  3. Nice pics! I don't think I've ever been up there when there wasn't snow on the ground... sigh...

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