Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Transponder waivers

Public Service Announcement / reminder to self:

The TSA/FAA waiver website is at

Yes, the TSA themselves reference the wrong URL in their own FAQ - they tell you to go to "". Sigh.

Yes, when you find the right site, it not only proudly proclaims it is a site still in beta testing, it crashes like it, too.

It does not work on android phone browser - any attempt to login will take you immediately to a 401 Bad Login page, with no way to see a login screen. It randomly goes bad and fails to load on both IE and firefox. I could not, on Internet Explorer, find the link to check prior submissions to see if the first try actually submitted when the website fritzed and started returning "failed to load - please refresh". It works tolerably well on Firefox, but still returns errors. At least I can log in on Firefox and see that the first one that started reporting the page didn't load and was in error actually did submit, and that the other two I got kicked out while trying to submit (not knowing the first one went through) were saved as drafts.

In the end, it doesn't matter - what matters is the thing is submitted. Remember the real URL so I can go back and check on it in a few business days.


  1. > Yes, the TSA themselves reference the wrong URL in their own FAQ - they tell you to go to "".

    Many police departments have official maximum IQs. "You must be dumber than THIS HIGH to work here".

    Other government agents differ only in that the rules are not explicit.

  2. It's the gummint: it's not supposed to be efficient.

  3. And it's pretty sad when you have to get a waiver for something that wasn't even required on anything other than airliners not too long ago...